5 Companies That Make The Most Beautifully Wrapped Chocolate Bars

Chocolate makers and chocolatiers work tirelessly to create stunning, high quality and ethically sourced chocolate. Even after creating new flavors and perfectly tempered chocolate bars, they have to decide how to wrap them. It is a long and tedious process getting from cocoa bean to store shelf and packaging is one the most crucial steps. It can make or break a consumers choice. The ‘fine’ chocolate industry has historically taken on a role of elegance and sophistication. Typically most chocolate bars come in more simple wrappings with a flowing font and maybe gold lettering. Recently some companies have decided to break out of the norm and aim for more artistic and meaningful packaging designs. I have put together (in no particular order) a list of five chocolate companies that I believe have some of the most beautiful chocolate bar wrappers in the world.

#1: Raaka


A young group of people working together in Brooklyn, NY to create environmentally friendly and socially ethical chocolate. Their packaging designs have a unique, hand drawn feel. The name Raaka means raw in Finnish. The name helps to capture the essence of the chocolate which they describe as strong, wild and different.

#2: Wellington Chocolate Factory


An organic, ethically traded, bean to bar company from New Zealand. They perform each step themselves using artisan chocolate making methods from the 18th century. The wrapper designs are each very different and done by legendary NZ artists.

#3: Compartes


This Los Angeles, CA chocolate company was founded in 1950 and recently reinvigorated by owner Jonathan Grahm, who bought the company at age 24. Grahm is one of the youngest artisan chocolatiers in the country and has a vision of “chocolate as art”. They source the best chocolate, use local ingredients and design award-winning wrappers.

#4: Omnom


Iceland’s first bean to bar chocolate company founded by Kjartan Gislason and a few friends. They chose a unique packaging design to go with their chocolates unique flavors. They decided to use a linear design with sharp, crisp and bold lines to stand out. Each wrapper portrays a different animal.

#5: Bahen & Co.


Exceeding fair-trade and using stone ground bean to bar techniques to protect flavor. Founded by a former winemaker named Josh Bahen and operating from the family farm in Western Australia. They say their wrapper designs are inspired by their journeys to the chocolate lands.



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