Fruition Heirloom Costa Rica Dark (74%)

Fruition is a bean to bar chocolate company based out of the Catskill Mountains in New York. Founded by Bryan Graham who started as a pastry chef and then fell in love with the science and technique of craft chocolate. They ethically source organic cocoa and then it is slow roasted and stone ground. The bars are placed in biodegradable bags before being wrapped in beautifully designed paper. They also use soy-based and vegetable-based ink to print the packaging.

The first Fruition chocolate bar I decided to taste was their Heirloom Costa Rica Dark. It only has two ingredients, cocoa beans and cane sugar. Everyone knows you eat with your eyes first and this bar is beautiful. Smooth, glossy, medium-dark brown with a symmetrical mold. The mold design plays with your eyes, in one way it looks like circles with shapes in the middle and then in another way it looks like flowers made of cocoa pods. The temper is flawless with no bubbles and a very clean, sharp snap when broken.

After letting the bar reach room temperature the chocolate gave off a fruity aroma. When I placed a small square on my tongue it started melting within seconds. Very smooth and creamy with an even melt from beginning to end. Fruit and citrus are the more dominant flavors with a mild, natural sweetness. The citrus notes are found more in the beginning and middle while ending with a smooth burst of dried berry. The flavors really settle in at the end creating a long, subtle finish. The flavors in this bar compliment each other beautifully. They dance around your taste buds, each one getting to shine creating an even flow throughout the entire process.

I can confidently say this is one of my favorite chocolate bars now. I was taken back by how smooth and creamy the melt was and how balanced the flavor were. The long finish was fun to pair with a strong coffee. The sweetness of the dried fruit and the slight bitterness of the coffee complimented each other. I had to stop myself from devouring this entire bar in one sitting. Fruition’s Heirloom Costa Rica Dark definitely goes at the top of my list!


The companies flavor notes: dried cherry and citrus.

This article is not sponsored, strictly my personal opinions only.





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