Original Beans Piura Porcelana (75%)

Original Beans is a chocolate company founded by Phillip Kauffman and based in Amsterdam. Not only do they have a passion for chocolate but also for conservation. They go above and beyond to help protect the earth so we can continue to enjoy all the different varieties of cocoa and started the One Bar : One Tree program which allows them to plant a cacao tree seedling for every one of their bars sold. This helps maintain certain varieties and helps consumers feel even better about the product they are buying. Each bar comes with a code that can be entered into their website to find exactly where the cocoa originated from.


Original Beans uses directly traded beans sourced from remote parts of the rainforest and the bars are packaged in 100% recyclable, bio-compostable packaging. I chose the Piura Porcelana (75%) bar which is made from ultra-rare, white cocoa beans discovered in the Piura River Valley of the Peruvian Andes.

“The locals of Piura say that only one albino bean survived the migration of cacao from the Amazons over the Andes to the coastal area: Piura Porcelana. Nearly extinct when our dogged Bean Team discovered it in 2007, the ultra-rare white cacao grows in the Piura Valley of Northern Peru, home to a dazzling array of butterflies.” – Original Beans


The newest packaging for the bar has beautiful and tribal looking butterfly designs on the box to represent where it came from. The bar I got was decorated with thin, metallic leaves, flowers and of course the single tree. The bright pink edging of the box adds a modern pop of color that stands out against the black background.

img_20170315_112934_060.jpgThis bar has three ingredients, cacao beans, cacao butter and raw cane sugar and is molded into 12 bite-size squares. Each square has a simple sun-burst line design. The color of the chocolate is medium brown with a matte finish and a medium, slightly dull snap when broken.

The first thing I noticed when unwrapping the bar was the strong nutty aroma. When I broke off one of the squares and placed it on my tongue the chocolate began to melt after a few seconds. The melt was long and gradual and the texture was smooth and creamy. The flavors started out subtle with a fruity sweetness and notes of roasted nuts. Suddenly there is a burst of citrus and fruit that dance together in the middle before finishing  with notes of dried berry. The finish is short, subtle and sweet.

I was very surprised and entertained by the bursts of different flavors. One flavor would start to settle as another was starting to pop and they would compliment each other beautifully. I had to taste a few squares before I could really pin point what I was experiencing, the flavors were having a party with my taste buds.

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