Original Beans Piura Porcelana (75%)

Original Beans is a chocolate company founded by Phillip Kauffman and based in Amsterdam. Not only do they have a passion for chocolate but also for conservation. They go above and beyond to help protect the earth so we can continue to enjoy all the different varieties of cocoa and started the One Bar : One … Continue reading Original Beans Piura Porcelana (75%)

Protecting The Hands Of Farmers

The shell of a cacao pod is hard and farm workers have to crack them by hand. Getting the cocoa beans out from inside the pod is one of the more tedious parts of harvesting cocoa. The beans need to be collected from the center of the pod and not cut in half to protect … Continue reading Protecting The Hands Of Farmers

Fruition Heirloom Costa Rica Dark (74%)

Fruition is a bean to bar chocolate company based out of the Catskill Mountains in New York. Founded by Bryan Graham who started as a pastry chef and then fell in love with the science and technique of craft chocolate. They ethically source organic cocoa and then it is slow roasted and stone ground. The … Continue reading Fruition Heirloom Costa Rica Dark (74%)

Gender Equality In West Africa

For generations cocoa has been deemed a 'mans' crop... but hopefully not for long! Women have very little access to land unless they inherit a small amount or marry a man who already owns land. Even if a husband allocates some land to his wife, she still does not have ownership of it. This leaves … Continue reading Gender Equality In West Africa

5 Companies That Make The Most Beautifully Wrapped Chocolate Bars

Chocolate makers and chocolatiers work tirelessly to create stunning, high quality and ethically sourced chocolate. Even after creating new flavors and perfectly tempered chocolate bars, they have to decide how to wrap them. It is a long and tedious process getting from cocoa bean to store shelf and packaging is one the most crucial steps. It can make or break a consumers … Continue reading 5 Companies That Make The Most Beautifully Wrapped Chocolate Bars

IS Quality Chocolate Gone Forever?

We have all experienced chocolate in one way or another and for the most part it's a product loved by everyone. But for how much longer? According to some of the largest chocolate supply companies, cacao farms are disappearing at an alarming rate. But why? What's causing such a threat? Cacao trees grow within 10 degrees on … Continue reading IS Quality Chocolate Gone Forever?

Welcome! Bienvenue!

I wanted to take the opportunity with my first post to introduce myself and give some insight to what my blog will be covering. I will give you a hint... ...it's all about chocolate!  Ok, so that was really more the answer than a hint but it leaves us with a wide range of topics. … Continue reading Welcome! Bienvenue!